Top Silip Selfies of the Day: Angelia Beauty Baba Selfie

Angelia Beauty Baba Selfie

Its a big year for beauty pageant followers in the Philippines… Bb. Pilipinas Earth, Angelia Ong bagged the title of Miss Earth, making it the 2nd year in a row for the Philippines to win the prestigious beauty title!

And as an “homage” to the lady that has put the Philippines back in the limelight, we’re copying one of Angelia’s famous pics for Silip Selfie! So Angelia + Beauty Queen + she’s got her hand on her baba (chin) = #AngeliaBeautyBabaSelfie!

Here are some of our favorite selfies from Janine, Khyrol, Norma, Chanze, Choi, Cresencia, Dette & Maryam


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