Friday , July 28 2017

Maria Maldita

Eksenang OFW kapag nagbakasyon sa Pinas

We waited for this moment and we saved all the money that we can for our vacation in the Philippines. And the fact that we badly missed our families, we try to buy all  the “pasalubongs” that we can and  bring it home to them. If only we can take home the supermarket so ...

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Let’s talk about or favorite topic…FOOD!

Maria Maldita’s favorite topic…FOOD! For her segment kwentuhan na sa uwian, her topic was your favorite snacks or in Filipino it’s merienda.  And as they answered all their favorite snacks, Maria Maldita can’t help but drool while reading all their answers. Listen to her and for sure you will also miss ...

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Midlife Crisis?

Have you experienced the “midlife crisis”? As per our news reporter Benjamin, he haven’t experienced it, instead he just doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday and just contemplate on his life achievements every year, but for Maria Maldita, it’s just Benjamin’s way to avoid treating his friends on his birthday. ...

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Panic buying during sale?

Its DSS time again in the UAE! Everything are on sale even at the grocery store, the buy 1 take 1 on the chocolates, chips, etc. Are you like Maria Maldita who end up buying things that are not on her “to buy list” at the grocery store? She has ...

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The Maria Maldita’s version of My Way

Because its Fathers day, Maria Maldita dedicated the Ipagpatawad mo na segment to all the fathers out there by singing their favorite karaoke song, My Way! The only problem is…. its kind of a different version of my way…her own version! Hahaha! As per Maria, there are only 3 songs that ...

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Funny things about living in the UAE

As an expat in the UAE and as our 2nd home, ofcourse we experience a lot of things  not just the luxury of UAE but also the funny ones. Once you hear that a fellow kabayan mention that he/she experienced that, you can’t help but laugh and join the conversation ...

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