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up the ante

Bandang Hapon Unplugged: Up The Ante

Another band rocks the Tag 91.1 studio live this 2017, the award winning Pinoy band Up The Ante joins Louie da Costa for Bandang Hapon Unplugged. If you want to be the next band featured on Bandang Hapon Unplugged, upload your original song here     Read More
Gatilyo on Bandang Hapon

Bandang Hapon Unplugged: Gatilyo

First band to rock the Tag 91.1 studio for the year 2017 is Gatilyo. Listen to their entire interview with Louie da Costa, their cover and original songs, including a couple of tracks from their brand new self-titled EP in the links below Here’s the lyric video that we were talking about in the interview […]     Read More
Christmas Special 2017

Bandang Hapon Christmas Special 2016

Its time for another Bandang Hapon Christmas Special! That means some of our fave bands that have been featured on Bandang Hapon Unplugged this year get to join Louie da Costa again in the Tag studio to perform an original and/or covers of Christmas songs. Check out the bands Eatcubus, Kumanderku & the Ginggastee, and […]     Read More
Darc Matter

Bandang Hapon Unplugged: Darc Matter

If you missed the band that Louie da Costa featured right before the school year started, here they are! Laudrey, Van and Ray, 3 teens raised in Dubai form the band Darc Matter. Listen to them rock out as they take Louie back to her past, reminding her of life growing up in Dubai, and […]     Read More
flying ipis

Bandang Hapon Unplugged: Flying Ipis

The award-winning all-girl punk garage band, Flying Ipis (cockroach), was in Dubai for a few days and they swung by the Tag 91.1 studio to join Louie da Costa for Bandang Hapon Unplugged     Read More

Bandang Hapon Unplugged: Verdad

To cap off the month of April on Bandang Hapon, Louie featured another local band for Bandang Hapon Unplugged- Verdad. Listen to them sit back and have some laughs with Louie, all the while playing some great original and cover songs. If you want to be the next band featured on Bandang Hapon Unplugged, email louie […]     Read More
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