Monday , April 27 2015



Born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius , I am a native of the Queen city of the Southern Phillipines Cebu City . I am happily married and a very lucky father of a smart and talented son. I used to work with the Manila Broadcasting Company as a broadcast engineer and at the same time doing some production works.
My first day here in Dubai was December 3, 2003. And a technical support and producer for a Filipino Show was my first job and ultimately became a full time radio presenter on The Filipino Rhythm Show in Dubai Eye 103.8 last 2005 until January 2013.

Bluebird is my radio name since I was in the Philippines. Here in Dubai most of my listeners and friends called me Bluebird also, but most of the ladies specially the young ones they love to call me Daddy Blue. Currently here in TAG 91.1 I am doing the “Magandang U-maga” a breakfast show with my beautiful and talented tandem Louise da Costa every 5AM until 10AM , Sunday to Thursday.

During my free time I love to mingle with my friends and listeners on their civic and social activities . I like also to stay in the parks or creek side during my day off. Oh Yah Hobby!!! Photography is one of my hobby and video collection is another one. I love to eat “sweet ripe” mango and bananas weew. Filipino foods , still my type of foods.

By the way my real name is Joselito F. Echivarria , my friends in the Philippines and some of my friends here in the UAE call my Tolits . And lastly my birthday is December 9