Pinoy Facebook Groups in the United Arab Emirates

One of the most common problems of an OFW is homesick. You can just imagine how our kababayans who were here abroad working for their families 20 to 30 years ago. Thanks to the modern technology that we are enjoying right now

The products of the modern technology like laptops, PCs , cellphones and many  other electronic gadgets help us a lot to fight homesick. So clap clap clap we are so lucky .

Facebook is one of the most famous antidote for homesick. In fact there are now so many Pinoy groups base on facebook , they created those fb groups to have plenty of friends on line, to have somebody to talk to, to chat with when free but alone here in this foreign land.

Let’s find out if its true , let’s talk to some Pinoy FB groups in the UAE and try to know more about them and have some fun.


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