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This week’s naked truth tackles about an artist who is wondering how come press are having hesitations in interviewing her. It all started in a interview where she showed how irritated she is after the press keep on asking same questions about her and a partner. The media were thrown off. And even those who haven’t […]

Angry netizens called the attention of Preview Magazine after they posted a picture of a newbie actor, Gil Cuerva, and tagging him as the “King of Gil.” Berserk fans said that there is only one ‘king of gil’ and it’s no other than Enrique Gil. Listen to Chikay’s message for this kind of netizens.

How can one prove that their friendship will last a lifetime? This week’s Hubad Na Katotohanan tackles the relationship of two female celebrities whose friendship is being tested and questioned by their supporters. Both celebrities started at a young age,  though only one of them became famous while the other left struggling to mark her name in […]

They say, “If there is a will, there is a way!” But the question is, what are the crazy things you can do just to achieve a lifelong dream? For last week’s Hubad na Katotohanan, Chikay shared a story about an actress who did crazy stuff just to bag a coveted role. She tried to talk to […]

Chikay tackles another “Hubad Na Katotohanan” (The Naked Truth) where in this issue, a female celebrity takes selfies and signs for autographs, but walks out on this one Filipino fan. Why you must ask? You’ll have to listen to the whole clip to find out! Always interesting and intriguing is what you’ll feel every time […]

Chikay, reveals that the love team “Melason” comprised of Melai and Jason have made up and are happily together in their married life! Tune in every midday for all your Philippine Showbiz news on Chikahan! Sundays to Thursdays, 10AM to 2PM only where you get it fresh in the UAE, TAG 91.1!


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