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Simply typing Aloe Vera in the Google will definitely show you a long list of its benefits for our skin, hair, body, etc. Personally, I always knew that aloe vera hydrates and moisturizes our skin. But it was only recently when I found out that it can be a substitute for our makeup primers. I […]

Life would definitely be boring if we do the same stuff over and over again! Sometimes we need to get out of our little box and be brave enough to try new things. But let us be honest, this is easier said than done. Not everyone can face their fears, or change something that they […]

Barbie Forteza is one of those few young actresses who’ve proven that she can be somebody in the entertainment. Despite being underrated, she has shown her potentials in all of her projects. Be it in television series or movies. No wonder, even if she’s been busy with her acting career and never had the opportunity […]

This week’s naked truth tackles about an artist who is wondering how come press are having hesitations in interviewing her. It all started in a interview where she showed how irritated she is after the press keep on asking same questions about her and a partner. The media were thrown off. And even those who haven’t […]

Angry netizens called the attention of Preview Magazine after they posted a picture of a newbie actor, Gil Cuerva, and tagging him as the “King of Gil.” Berserk fans said that there is only one ‘king of gil’ and it’s no other than Enrique Gil. Listen to Chikay’s message for this kind of netizens.

How can one prove that their friendship will last a lifetime? This week’s Hubad Na Katotohanan tackles the relationship of two female celebrities whose friendship is being tested and questioned by their supporters. Both celebrities started at a young age,  though only one of them became famous while the other left struggling to mark her name in […]


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