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Chikay, reveals that the love team “Melason” comprised of Melai and Jason have made up and are happily together in their married life! Tune in every midday for all your Philippine Showbiz news on Chikahan! Sundays to Thursdays, 10AM to 2PM only where you get it fresh in the UAE, TAG 91.1!

In this week’s edition of the “Hubad na Katotohanan” (The Naked Truth), Chikay discusses how this Philippine Celebrity took awhile for her to enter the stage once called during a mall show. Why? You’ll have to listen for this celebrity’s reason for taking her time! All the juiciest gossip from the Chikahan Radio Show! Sundays […]

Halatang solid listener ang caller ni Bob last week. Alamin kung bakit! Request Mo, Play Ko every night!

When Maria Maldita and Chico are away, Chikay is ready to play. Cue in “Hubad Na Katotohanan” on Uwian Na.

What can you gain if you convert your body fat to money? Listen to Bluebird and Louie as they go crazy every morning 🙂

You can never go wrong with Sarah Geronimo’s songs!


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