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We can read tons of articles on “Tipid Tips.” But most of us are having a hard time to stick to those tips. “Paano nga ba ako makakatipid? Paano magsisimula?”

On one of Chikay’s excursions, she visited The Philippine School where she hosted an event. She shared her experiences of being in school which she hopes students today don’t emulate! That’s Chikay and her antics (which she probably does up to this day)! On Chikahan! Sundays to Thursdays, 12NN to 4PM on TAG 91.1!

Decades ago, it was Encantadia who introduced us to the word “Fantaserye.” Inaabangan ko talaga yan gabi-gabi.” That’s why I am one of those fans who were ecstatic after GMA 7 announced that they’ll going to have a requel (Retelling and Sequel) of Encantadia.

I have to admit, I spend a lot of my time watching youtube videos. And I happen to see this video about solutions for workplace stress. And I think it is something that can be of help to you.

Chikay loses it when she finds out that James Reid got into an accident because of a fan. Listen to her reaction here… Always on top of things is Chikahan! Sundays to Thursdays, 10AM to 2PM where the latest Filipino Showbiz Scoops get heard! TAG 91.1!

Yet again here’s another crazy and awkward convo between the ambassador of insomaniacs, Bob Kebab, and a caller. Listen how the conversation went.


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