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Do you have a protective spouse or sweetheart who has a say in the clothes you wear? For Kwentong Bizshow (Showbiz Stories) on Gandang Umaga, Louie talks about how Enrique Gil wishes the new Darna costume for his reported girlfriend, Liza Soberano, was less revealing. Certain that a lot of people could relate to that, Louie […]

How did one simple question on the Express Katanungan (Express Question) segment end up giving a number of unhappy spouses a very naughty idea for revenge? Well it started out harmless, with Louie trying to answer a question about tears and sadness. The question was about why we sometimes can’t cry even when we’re sad. […]

Looking for things to do with the Pinoy community? If you missed the details on Gandang U-maga, here they are- 1. WHAT: 3rd Series of Progressive Rides (100Km) for all Bikers and any type of bike WHEN: June 15, 2017 Thursday 7pm WHERE: The Farm, Al Barari Route: The Farm, Al Barari to Qudra Cycling […]

Do you ever wonder why you can easily remember a song you heard on the radio but can’t seem to recall the name of some person you’ve probably met half a dozen times already? Or why memorizing lessons in school was a thousand times harder than memorizing all the songs in the countdown? Well, Bluebird […]

Here’s a new and funny info from Maria Maldita especially when it rains on a sunny day. Maria’s theory, when it rains on a sunny day in the Philippines a “Tikbalang” is around, but here in the UAE it means cloud seeding is going on .

Here is a shocking chika from Chikay about the reason why a certain teleserye “ay maagang tatapusin” . Artists busy schedule is unbelievable , based on Chikay’s experience ..program rating is a big factor , in short the show has a poor rating .


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