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Tag 91.1’s Kabayan Bluebird & Louie da Costa are at it again, this time with the support of the rest of the team like Chico Loco & Maria Maldita. It’s their first blowout for 2017 and this time they’re surprising a make up artist, Jheng, who worked on one of their photoshoots a few years […]

Bob Kebab chats with this female caller and finds out about her problems with her in-laws! Of course, Bob finds a way to lighten up the situation by telling her to continuously scrubbing her dark elbows! For fun times at night, tune in to the Request Mo Play Ko! Sundays to Thursdays, 9AM to 2AM […]

In this edition of “Hubad na Katotohanan (The Naked Truth), Chikay narrates how this well-known and very respected interviewer on Philippine TV was stood up FOR 4 LONG HOURS by this female celebrity who lied about her reason for being late for her interview appointment! You’ll really want to know who Chikay feels these involved […]

Bob Kebab hosts another game of “Kantaranta”! Will the caller get all 5 songs or at least 3 just to win the game? Listen to find out! Hear this every night during Request Mo Play Ko! Sundays to Thursdays, 9PM to 2AM only on the UAE’s TAG 91.1!

Before she arrives in the UAE this February for her concert, the one and only Mariah Carey took a few minutes out of her busy schedule (she was in the middle of shooting a video) to have a quick chat with Bluebird and Louie! If you’re a big fan, listen to her special message for […]

Bob Kebab listens to his caller’s life experiences whilst his stay in the UAE and definitely all Kabayans in the UAE could relate to this guy’s story. Listen to this clip if you’ll agree or not. That’s how raw and unfiltered conversations can be during the Request Mo Play Ko Radio Show! Sundays to Thursdays, […]


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