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There’s a new place in Dubai where in you can enjoy your holidays and weekends together with your family and friends, it’s the glow theme park in the Middle East , The Dubai Garden Glow. Come and join Louie & Blue for their first SSS – Silip Selfie Sa Dubai Garden Glow.

Chico Loco and Maria Maldita play a “Guess Which Celebrity This Is & Which Network They Belong To” game and shockingly the latter accidentally reveal who the celebrity is without even having the game start. Make sure to listen to the whole clip for a good laugh! That’s how candid and natural Uwian Na can […]

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This song has caught the attention of millions of viewers worldwide – so we decided to have our own version of this song

Henyo talaga ang mga callers sa Gandang Umaga. Pero ang solid ay ang hwanep na boses ng mga callers.

Tag 91.1’s Gandang Umaga hosts, Kabayan Bluebird & Louie da Costa, are back on TFC! This time on the show TFC Connect as the Tag Katambayers.


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