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” Bugzy, pwede na ba kong gumalaw?”  (Bugzy, Can I already move?) That’s the first question I asked my Boyfriend then, now, my husband minutes after the plane took off. Hahaha! That was 2009 and it was my very first plane ride and where all my adventures began. It was a gift from him for […]

Welcome to The Craving Traveler page.  Because Food + Camera + Plane tickets = Happiness.  I’m not an expert travel blogger, but If you’re into traveling and eating as much as I do, follow me every Tuesday on Tag website! In this page, I would love to share with you all my spectacular experiences from – traveling […]

Who should pay on the 1st date, is it the guy, the girl or it should be both? In our modern world talking about gender equality who should be the one to pay? But as Maria Maldita and one of TAG newscaster, Benjamin talks about it, something funny came out. Listen on Uwian Na  to […]

As an OFW one of the things that we are saving our money every year  are the goods that we will put inside our balikbayan box. Every year specially christmas, for us its the best time to send our love ones back at home all the goodies that we want them to indulge and experience […]

Is it really true that We, Filipino’s are mean to our own kababayan? we tend to judge someone based on his or her physical look even though we really do not know that person. Listen to Maria Maldita with our news reporter Benjamin as they tackle and joke about it.

We waited for this moment and we saved all the money that we can for our vacation in the Philippines. And the fact that we badly missed our families, we try to buy all  the “pasalubongs” that we can and  bring it home to them. If only we can take home the supermarket so that they can experience all […]


on air