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  Magaling ka ba manghula ng title ng kanta? Listen & join  Bob Kebab’s Kantaranta segment and try not to be pressured while guessing the title of the song.

May kilala ka bang pabida? What will you do if you know someone who always want to be the center of attention? Listen to Bob Kebab’s conversation with his caller.    

Why did Angel Locsin cut her hair short? Is is because of her break-up with Luis Manzano or is it true that her hair was damaged because of a salon that she’s endorsing?Listen to Chikay to know the truth.  

Did you gained weight here in UAE? Listen To BlueBird & Louie Da Costa on what they noticed to other presenters and to some of the Filipino expats living in UAE.  

For our 1st vlog, we tried to test our tongues with the Fire noodle challenge from South Korea. They say that this noodle is too spicy that you can’t even finish the whole bowl. so, just watch and enjoy!    

Who is this jealous beautiful actress who showed up to his husband’s taping out of nowhere? Alam nanaman daw ng lahat na kaya pumunta dun ang actress ay dahil sa notorious na ugali nito sa pagiging selosa.


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