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Listen to gandang umaga as Louie Da Costa and Blue Bird talks about Louie being muse in her elementary days and admitted that she became one because her father was a former coach on their team.

Chico Loco and Maria Maldita ask their listeners what they would buy if they had 3,000 Dirhams worth of gift vouchers, but the former ends up asking how to pronounce the brand “Tissot”. In typical Filipino-fashion, the two just become class clowns and play around how Pinoys can mispronounce certain brands and how they can […]

San nauwi ang “Guess What I’m Eating” game nina Chico at Maria Maldita? Alamin!

kagulo si Louie Da Costa and Blue Bird sa usaping anak. listen to them here at Gandang Umaga weekly highlights!

Nagka award sa ibang bansa pero hindi daw naman active sa acting career nya? hulaan yan kasama si Chikay sa Chikahan Na!

Chico Loco and Maria Maldita talk about the topic of which is better: being the eldest among siblings or being the youngest? Of course this led to the two sharing their personal experiences of being the eldest in both families… Which led to funny stories during their segment “Kwentuhan sa Uwian” (Let’s Talk ABout It). […]


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