Monday , May 29 2017


Bluebird & Louie Interview Mariah Carey

Before she arrives in the UAE this February for her concert, the one and only Mariah Carey took a few minutes out of her busy schedule (she was in the middle of shooting a video) to have a quick chat with Bluebird and Louie! If you’re a big fan, listen ...

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For our 1st vlog, we tried to test our tongues with the Fire noodle challenge from South Korea. They say that this noodle is too spicy that you can’t even finish the whole bowl. so, just watch and enjoy!    

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Funny But A True To Life Story Of An OFW In The UAE

Bob Kebab listens to his caller’s life experiences whilst his stay in the UAE and definitely all Kabayans in the UAE could relate to this guy’s story. Listen to this clip if you’ll agree or not. That’s how raw and unfiltered conversations can be during the Request Mo Play Ko ...

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Silip Selfie Sa : Dubai Garden Glow

There’s a new place in Dubai where in you can enjoy your holidays and weekends together with your family and friends, it’s the glow theme park in the Middle East , The Dubai Garden Glow. Come and join Louie & Blue for their first SSS – Silip Selfie Sa Dubai ...

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Maria Maldita Makes Winning Easier on Uwian Na

Chico Loco and Maria Maldita play a “Guess Which Celebrity This Is & Which Network They Belong To” game and shockingly the latter accidentally reveal who the celebrity is without even having the game start. Make sure to listen to the whole clip for a good laugh! That’s how candid ...

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Sino ang selosang Artista?

Who is this jealous beautiful actress who showed up to his husband's taping out of nowhere? Alam nanaman daw ng lahat na kaya pumunta dun ang actress ay dahil sa notorious na ugali nito sa pagiging selosa.

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