Thursday , March 23 2017



Sino ang selosang Artista?

Who is this jealous beautiful actress who showed up to his husband's taping out of nowhere? Alam nanaman daw ng lahat na kaya pumunta dun ang actress ay dahil sa notorious na ugali nito sa pagiging selosa.

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My Selfie Friday @ the Park

There’s no single Filipino party without picture taking even before eating . Taking selfies first is the most famous one. Here are some of my selfies @ the park with no single click without happy faces behind me. And the most common denominator silang lahat ay na-TAG.  

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Naging Muse dahil ke tatay?

Listen to gandang umaga as Louie Da Costa and Blue Bird talks about Louie being muse in her elementary days and admitted that she became one because her father was a former coach on their team.

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Proper pronunciation of a brand name turn funny

Chico Loco and Maria Maldita ask their listeners what they would buy if they had 3,000 Dirhams worth of gift vouchers, but the former ends up asking how to pronounce the brand “Tissot”. In typical Filipino-fashion, the two just become class clowns and play around how Pinoys can mispronounce certain ...

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