Friday , July 28 2017


Maria Maldita = Bob Kebab in Uwian Na ? How?

One listener of “Uwian na with Maria Maldita” sent a message to her , saying hello and how are you, but the funny thing was he/she called Maria as Bob Kebab , the reaction of Maria was more funny,  just listen.

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Diet ba kamo? Saging ang solusyon! Listen to Bob Kebab and his listener as they talk about diet & banana.    

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New Maria Maldita’s Rain Theory

Here’s a new and funny info from Maria Maldita especially when it rains on a sunny day. Maria’s theory, when it rains on a sunny day in the Philippines a “Tikbalang” is around, but here in the UAE it means cloud seeding is going on .

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Rating Not Busy Schedule , According to Chikay

Here is a shocking chika from Chikay about the reason why a certain teleserye “ay maagang tatapusin” . Artists busy schedule is unbelievable , based on Chikay’s experience ..program rating is a big factor , in short the show has a poor rating .

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Bluie’s Blowout! – Jheng’s Birthday Surprise

Tag 91.1’s Kabayan Bluebird & Louie da Costa are at it again, this time with the support of the rest of the team like Chico Loco & Maria Maldita. It’s their first blowout for 2017 and this time they’re surprising a make up artist, Jheng, who worked on one of ...

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