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As an expat in the UAE and as our 2nd home, ofcourse we experience a lot of things  not just the luxury of UAE but also the funny ones. Once you hear that a fellow kabayan mention that he/she experienced that, you can’t help but laugh and join the conversation cause you also experience the […]

Do you have a protective spouse or sweetheart who has a say in the clothes you wear? For Kwentong Bizshow (Showbiz Stories) on Gandang Umaga, Louie talks about how Enrique Gil wishes the new Darna costume for his reported girlfriend, Liza Soberano, was less revealing. Certain that a lot of people could relate to that, Louie […]

How did one simple question on the Express Katanungan (Express Question) segment end up giving a number of unhappy spouses a very naughty idea for revenge? Well it started out harmless, with Louie trying to answer a question about tears and sadness. The question was about why we sometimes can’t cry even when we’re sad. […]

Cooking is not Maria Maldita’s talent. So, when their rice cooker got broken, she and her husband tried to cooked the rice manually. The only problem was that every time she was the one who cooks the rice, it always gets overcooked! Listen to her as she blame the rice cooker for this mishaps.

Missing Dubai road exit means, it will take you more time to get to another exit or to get to your destination on time. But what happens when you missed all the exits that you need to get home? You will be like Maria Maldita and Bob Kebab who missed 4 exits just to get […]

They say, “If there is a will, there is a way!” But the question is, what are the crazy things you can do just to achieve a lifelong dream? For last week’s Hubad na Katotohanan, Chikay shared a story about an actress who did crazy stuff just to bag a coveted role. She tried to talk to […]


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