Tuesday , January 17 2017



Uy! Tumaba ka!

What will you feel if someone told you that you gained weight? Louie Da Costa experienced this remark from one of her long time friend but as per Blue Bird: " Mas lumaki ka lang ng konti kesa sa dati"

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Why one question should have one answer only?

With Chico Loco back from his vacation from the Philippines, he and Maria Maldita tackle the issue of what couples usually fight about. The Monarch of Philippine Radio then asks the question to the newbie nescaster, Benjie, and then laughter follows during their conversation. Back and at full force! That’s ...

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Kahit mga celebrity pala sabik mapanood ang sarili sa TV

In this week’s edition of the “Hubad na Katotohanan” (The Naked Truth), Chikay discusses how this Philippine Celebrity took awhile for her to enter the stage once called during a mall show. Why? You’ll have to listen for this celebrity’s reason for taking her time! All the juiciest gossip from ...

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