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We Filipinos are very sentimental, because of that we always miss our love ones in the Philippines, not only that, we also miss those happy annual celebrations in our hometown. That is why some kababayans here the UAE tried to bring those festivities and celebrations here abroad. One of those many annual celebrations is the […]

Nasa digmaan te kaya wag kang magulo..

September 18, 2017

I know its been a long time comin pero eto na the 1st episode of my vlog, and like I said we’re goin to be talkin about lots of things but most of the time,we’re goin to talk about |MONEY  and TIME.. Kung papano pwedeng kumita habang nag-tatrabaho at paiksiin ang panahon sa pag-aabroad. Abangan […]

Friends ! I’ll be bringing more funny, wider, more frequent and of course “bongga” (big) information for you. This is now the all new vlog , the Bluebird’s I-view. If you enjoyed the blogs in Patok Jeproks and at the same time well informed, this time in Bluebird’s I-View it will be wider in coverage […]

Welcome to The Craving Traveler page.  Because Food + Camera + Plane tickets = Happiness.  I’m not an expert travel blogger, but If you’re into traveling and eating as much as I do, follow me every Tuesday on Tag website! In this page, I would love to share with you all my spectacular experiences from – traveling […]

Life would definitely be boring if we do the same stuff over and over again! Sometimes we need to get out of our little box and be brave enough to try new things. But let us be honest, this is easier said than done. Not everyone can face their fears, or change something that they […]


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