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Steak and Ribs for 2 just below 150 AED in Dubai?! Yes, it’s in TEXAS ROADHOUSE! This is one of my favorite restaurants so far when it comes to steak and ribs. I’m glad that they have this Ribeye steak combo plus you can also choose two sides like salad, corn, potato, etc. When I say that […]

Ahhh kase pala mahal kaya lulunukin yung ugali …

Are you a lipstick hoarder? Or someone who bought a shade you loved but doesn’t suit your skin tone? Or just someone looking for ways to utilize your lipstick collection? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you are definitely in the right place. For some girls, lipstick is like a […]

Base on my observations our lifestyle here abroad is very much different from our lifestyle in the Philippines. Back home we always can still afford or have a lot of time going out with friends even on a working days after office hours. But here abroad we seldom do that. Being one of the many […]

Reasons why you can’t believe you can be rich are environment,social conditioning and culture…    

” Bugzy, pwede na ba kong gumalaw?”  (Bugzy, Can I already move?) That’s the first question I asked my then Boyfriend, now, my husband minutes after the plane took off. Hahaha! That was 2009 and it was my very first plane ride and where all my adventures began. This trip to Palawan was a gift […]


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