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Because it’s summertime, I went to Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi for the first ever Filipino Foods and Music Fiesta. But while many of our kababayans were enjoying the foods and acoustic music, I challenged also some of them for a dance showdown with the dance craze called budots dance and the so called garlic dance. […]

Last time , I showed you the latest dance craze in the Philippines called “Budot Dance”. This time, another popular dance craze have captured not just the hearts of the kids, but adults too! Let’s sit back and enjoy while we watch how they dance the “Baby Shark”!

My first vlog about Global Village was last November 1, 2017 featuring the opening of the 22nd season of Global Village. And this is my second visit, the operation is in full swing, including the opening of various Pavilions. There are more than 75 Cultures represented through 27 Pavilions.  This time I will visit some […]

One of my vlogs before was featuring facebook based Filipino groups here the UAE, which help them overcome homesickness and at the same time got a chance to meet and have funny moments with fellow OFWs. This time I be will featuring some Filipino groups here in Dubai and Northern Emirates. These groups were formed […]

One of the hottest dance craze today in the Philippines is the Budots Dance together with “Taga-saan ka Challenge” (from where are you) where in, the one being asked where he/she came from will dance after answering. The dance step should be the Budots dance. In fact the “Taga saan ka Challenge” created also some […]

We usually go to parks here in the UAE to have bonding moments with our family and friends, gather for meetings and to relax and sleep! But there are quite few who have actually come here to try and experience joy ride using the the go cart with pedal. I must admit, I’ve been here […]


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