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Soon to open another giant landmark here in Dubai. A very good place to visit and I’m sure this will be another hot tourist destination , The Dubai Frame.  

Base on my observations our lifestyle here abroad is very much different from our lifestyle in the Philippines. Back home we always can still afford or have a lot of time going out with friends even on a working days after office hours. But here abroad we seldom do that. Being one of the many […]

We Filipinos are very sentimental, because of that we always miss our love ones in the Philippines, not only that, we also miss those happy annual celebrations in our hometown. That is why some kababayans here the UAE tried to bring those festivities and celebrations here abroad. One of those many annual celebrations is the […]

Friends ! I’ll be bringing more funny, wider, more frequent and of course “bongga” (big) information for you. This is now the all new vlog , the Bluebird’s I-view. If you enjoyed the blogs in Patok Jeproks and at the same time well informed, this time in Bluebird’s I-View it will be wider in coverage […]

Check out these videos of the Mannequin Challenge by Daddy Blue! The SBK-Samahan sa Bahay ni Kuya and KSU – Kapatiran sa UAE mannequin challenge!!!

There’s no single Filipino party without picture taking even before eating . Taking selfies first is the most famous one. Here are some of my selfies @ the park with no single click without happy faces behind me. And the most common denominator silang lahat ay na-TAG.  


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