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Pabebe kids and Pabebe moms Makulit na CFF and friends CFF - Close friends and family Mr Melvin (white shirt) and friends , birthday party @ the park Pastillas Blow, si Mommy nakisali din Groupfie with Moms and Dads this time CFF's Vicoy , birthday girl ? SMF's Meryl (yellow) the birthday girl with SMF's [...]
KBFC officers and members Friend of KBFC New members of KBFC Makulit of KBFC Guests and Friends of KBFC Look Up Groupfie Peace , Love and Victory with KBFC Time for Parlor Games Happy photo bombers The Pabebe wave, with the Pabebe sisters Happy KBFC family and friends

  DUBAI: The new unified labor contract, aimed at standardizing employment terms, and expected to improve regulation and transparency of the UAE labor market will come into effect from January 1 next year. The Standard Limited-Term Employment Contract, come into effect from January 1, 2016, was drafted by the Ministry of Labor as part of […]

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released an advisory to give the public tips on shipping balikbayan boxes. According to the DTI, the following items are not allowed to be sent through balikbayan boxes: 1. Currencies 2. Checks 3. Money orders and traveller’s checks 4. Jewelry 5. Firearms, ammunitions and explosives 6. Prohibited […]

Close Friends and Family Basta Ilonggo Matahom kag Mapinalanggaon International KBFC and Friends Friends of KBFC FRATs- Reunited CFF-Close Friends and Family KBFC , FRATs-Reunited and friends KBFC and Friends KBFC and friends from FRATs and RMPK Hindi sila mahilig sa selfie Masarap ang bonding pag may food Sungay pa more

SMF anniv, Vinzons and Miagaohanons town fiesta celebration @ Zabeel Park


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