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REPLACEMENT FOR LOST PASSPORT: Procedures same as Application of Passport. No need to secure appointment date.

10 BAGAY NA DAPAT NA MALAMAN NG MGA RESIDENTE ABOUT EMIRATES ID Huwag i-tamper tulad ng pagbura or may ibahin sa ID card Kailangang dalhin ang id card sa lahat ng oras Sundin ang mga petsa at legal na procedure sa pag pa-renew, pag palit or pag deliver ng ID card I-report kaagad kung meron […]

One of the most popular items on the restricted list is the smart balance wheel or ‘hoverboards’, which will not be accepted as part of either checked-in or hand carry luggage. Many airlines has banned any items containing lithium batteries, and many spare battery packs for electronic items .

Pinoy gathering or parties at the park cannot be called as complete and fun without having some group games and parlor games.

All roads going to the parks in Dubai every Friday is so busy. Party goers, family reunions and company outings are some of the reasons why the park’s parking spaces and the service roads adjacent to the parks are almost full before lunch time. There were so many groups of Pinoys enjoying their early Christmas […]

Christmas is around the corner, so expect more parties, gatherings and bondings in every corner in the UAE. Park is also one of the most favorite places for Pinoy parties. So if you want to feel the bayanihan spirit and Pinoy style party don’t miss to visit one of UAE’s public parks especially on a […]


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