Tuesday , January 24 2017

Russian bombers target IS in Syria

Russian strategic bombers have targeted IS in air strikes near the eastern Syrian city of Deir al-Zor. According to reports, six TU-22 planes carried out the bombing raids. The airstrikes come as peace talks are being held between the Syrian government and members of the opposition in Kazakhstan. The conference ...

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Ethics lawyers to sue Donald Trump over foreign payments

A group, including former White House ethics lawyers, says it will file a lawsuit accusing Donald Trump of violating a US Constitutional ban on accepting payments from foreign governments. The citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington argue that a clause in the constitution bans such payments. The case is ...

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UK scientists warn against overcooking chips

UK scientists are warning people against overcooking chips, potatoes and bread, saying doing so could cause cancer. New research has found acrylamide, a potential carcinogen, is produced in high amounts when starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures for long periods. The country’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends following cooking ...

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Birth rates in China at highest level since 2000

Birth rates in China have risen to their highest level since 2000, according to officials. The increase is despite a fall in the number of women of childbearing age. It follows the relaxation of China’s one-child policy a year ago, with more than 45% of babies born in 2016 having ...

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Legal watchdog to sue Trump over foreign payments

An American legal watchdog is set to filed a lawsuit on Monday against President Donald Trump, for alleging violating a constitutional ban on receiving foreign payments. According to the group of lawyers and researchers,Trump is allegedly receiving payments from foreign governments through guests in his hotels and leases on his ...

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Roasting and frying starchy foods ‘could’ increase cancer risk

According to the British Food Standards Agency (FSA) roasting and frying starchy foods could increase the risk of cancer. The regulatory board issued a public warning over the the formation of chemical compound – acrylamide – that forms in some foods when they are cooked above 120C. The FSA tells ...

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