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Japan’s public broadcaster NHK sent a false nuclear alert on Tuesday, warning citizens of a North Korean missile launch, only to retract it minutes later. This comes just days after Hawaii committed a similar error. The Japanese government has now urged NHK to ensure such mistakes are not repeated. The broadcaster later explained the false alert was […]

Two oil spills, covering 109 square kilometres, have been left after an oil tanker sank in the East China Sea early January this year. It’s been described as the worst oil ship disaster in decades, raising concerns over damage to marine life, as clean up teams continue to monitor the area. All crew members of […]

Steve Bannon has refused to answer questions about his tenure in the White House from the House Intelligence committee. The panel immediately issued a subpoena, the second for the former Trump insider. Our US correspondent Priscilla Huff has an update

The parents of 13 siblings, who were found chained to their beds in Southern California, are being held on suspicion of torture. David and Louise Turpin were taken into custody after one of the children escaped and notified police. US Correspondent Frances Read is in Los Angeles where they are being questioned by police.

At least seven people have died and 12 more injured after Myanmar police opened fire on a crowd of ethnic Rakhine Buddhists as they tried to seize a government office late on Tuesday. According to reports, nearly 4,000 people had gathered outside the government building in northern Rakhine to mark the end of the Arakan […]

At least 33 human skulls have been recovered in western Mexico, authorities said on Tuesday. This is the latest discovery in southern Nayarit, which has suffered from an increase in gang-related killings. Investigations are underway at the site as officials try to find who the skulls belonged to and why they were buried in three shallow graves. […]


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