Sunday , February 26 2017

White House bars several US news outlets from press briefing

The White House has barred several major US news organizations from attending an off-camera press briefing. The session was held by White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Friday. Reporters from CNN, The New York Times and other popular American news outlets were prevented from being part of the ‘gaggle.’ ...

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At least 8 killed in bombing in Yemen

At least eight soldiers have been killed by a suicide bomber in an attack on a military camp in Yemen’s southern city of Zinjibar it has been reported. The bomber drove a car to the entrance, which exploded at the gate, injuring a further 10 people. The bombing happened at ...

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Kim Jong-Nam killed by chemical weapon VX

Early tests suggest a chemical designated a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ was used to kill the half-brother of North Korea’s leader. Malaysian officials say the nerve agent VX was found on Kim Jong-Nam’s face. He was killed at an airport there. The poison, VX is deadly – one hundredth of ...

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Syrian peace talks to continue in Geneva

Peace talks on Syria are set to continue later on Friday. UN mediators in Geneva are hoping the sides in the conflict will agree to face-to-face discussions during the latest round of negotiations on a constitution and elections. On Thursday, Russia’s envoy to the UN described Western and rebel demands ...

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