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European Union ministers are set to sign off on a set of guidelines for the next stage of negotiations with the UK on Brexit. Talks are now moving on to a potential transitional agreement to ease process of leaving and on the future trade deal between Britain and the EU. Our Europe correspondent Jack Parrock […]

New York’s Attorney General has announced a probe into a firm called Devumi for allegedly selling fake social media followers.  Eric Schneiderman was concerned that such “opaque” operations were undermining democracy. This comes after the New York Times published a detailed report on how Devumi offers customers the chance to buy up to 500,000 followers for various […]

Fresh federal police troops are set to be released across Mexico to crack down on criminal groups in regions where a surge in violence led to more than 25,000 murders last year. The violence has been a central issue ahead of the presidential election in July. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party is […]

Five gunmen stormed an army outpost near one of Afghanistan’s main military academies early Monday, killing at least 11 soldiers and injuring 15 others.  The IS has claimed responsibility for the attack near the Marshal Fahim military academy, in which four gunmen were killed and one captured. It’s the fourth major terror attack to hit […]

A South Sudanese rebel group said they have released 15 prisoners of war, in line with a ceasefire agreed with the government last month. They were reportedly handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Sunday, who airlifted them from Phow state to the capital Juba. According to reports, SPLA-IO spokesman said […]

Two police officers have died and seven more injured after another Colombian police station came under attack late Sunday. This comes a day after a police station in the city of Barranquilla was bombed, leaving five officers dead and 41 others injured. One of the attacks was carried out in rural Bolivar province just before […]


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