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Online, on-demand video consultation with doctors will put an end to unnecessary diagnostic testing, leading to a more efficient medical system. That’s according to the Founder and CEO of the Dubai based telemedicine app, Health at Hand, which officially launched on Sunday. Charlie Barlow says that real-time online consultation is a natural progression in the […]

Health authorities in the UAE are taking steps to tackle diabetes. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has launched a special programme at 10 hospitals and clinics across the country aimed at the early detection of the disease. They say it’s part of an effort to tackle non-communicable diseases and to increase awareness about […]

Motorists in Abu Dhabi are being advised to take alternate routes after traffic was closed from the Arabian Gulf Street towards Rabdan Street. Police in the capital announced on social media that road diversions between the two streets were in place because of an asphalt problem caused by a broken sewer line. Residents in Abu […]

A Dubai-based printing press is racing against time to get ballot papers ready for Kenya’s upcoming general election. The business has been entrusted with the task of producing voting papers for Thursday’s crucial repeat presidential election. Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing say they’ve finished printing 18 million ballots so far, accounting for 90 per cent of […]

Dubai will soon unveil a first-of-its-kind community charity park. Designed jointly by the Dubai Municipality and Mohammed Bin Rashid International Centre for Endowment Consultancy, the Charity Oasis will be built at a cost of AED 10 million. In line with directives of ‘Year of Giving’, the project will encourage the community to contribute small shares […]

Authorities are once again urging motorists to abide by the legal speed limits, after four people died and 13 others were injured in separate traffic accidents over the weekend. On Saturday, a speeding driver lost control of his vehicle when a tyre burst, veering off Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road into a group of people […]


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