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Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a city full of old European charm, with plenty of places to go, sights to see, and of course, food to eat. It’s like walking through a Disney princess movie with a cold drink and a Wiener Praterstelzen-Semmel in hand! In this episode of The Craving Traveler, Frankie Chino […]

Bluebird and Keri Belle encountered a very challenging task in this episode of Kitchenamin, cooking without the help of a chef or an expert. They just collected some microwave recipe from the radio listeners. They selected the best recipe of the week and cooked it with the help of the famous Midea Microwave oven. The result was fantastic. Watch the […]

Have you ever heard of the Buffing technique? Apparently, it’s been used by many makeup artists. It’s a makeup technique that helps you achieve a much flawless makeup that will last. It also helps you fine tune harsh lines caused by blushers and contours. This technique is very simple, all you need is a pressed […]

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Enjoy the new attractions and your favorites at the 23rd Season of Global Village! With over 100 food destinations including a floating market, an activities-packed carnival with a magnificent circus, round-the-world shopping options – and not the mention thrilling stunt shows and performances, it’s a season not to be missed! And speaking of concerts, TAG […]


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