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Not only will get to take your selfie with their posters, you could actually have a snapshot with one of the TAGFEST 2018 artists!

You think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the screaming and singing crowd of TAGFEST 2018? Prove how much of a fan you are by filling in the blanks on some of 6Cyclemind, Moonstar88, Teeth and Kamikazee’s most iconic songs! Take the quiz below for a chance to win TAGFEST2018 tickets!

Calling all Filipino bands wanting to break the scene… Here’s your chance to be on of the TAGFEST 2018 KICK-STARTERS!

The official mascot of Global Village, Globo, made a surprise and quick visit to Tag 91.1 Studio . And the mission was … fantastic .

We have traits that are “truly OVERSEAS Pinoy” and we celebrate it in our “Pinoy Nga Talaga” funnies that are meant to be taken with a good sense of humor. 

If you couldn’t have enough of the singalong that went down on TAG: LIVE last December 8th at the Global Village like us, we bring back the moments here!


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