If you think Papa Dom’s voice sounds familiar, that’s because you may have heard him before. Other than a short stint as a booking agent, he’s spent most of his working life in the radio industry, starting way back 2002 at a University campus radio then being on Batangas’ airwaves for over 10 years. He’s […]

Mandy Licious isn’t your run-of-the-mill neighborhood sweety! She’s more! On top of being pleasing to the eyes, what she has to say speaks volumes about how deep she thinks. One minute she can talk about what’s trending in fashion and beauty, the next, she can discuss relevant matters in daily life mixed with her own […]

Philippine-born and America-raised, Frankie Chino is a radio rookie who stumbled into the industry after people kept asking him, “Hey, are you in radio?” because of his deep, bassy voice. Having heard enough of these questions, he found himself a gig doing commercial voice-overs before moving on to the technical, behind-the-scenes side of the station. […]

Even though she’s a newbie in the industry, Georgia Fritada has the character, voice, and confidence that makes her perfect for radio, thanks to her background in Theatre Arts. And since she’s a body-positive, food-lover who believes that “Happiness is Homemade,” she also took up Culinary Arts. So, don’t be surprised if you find her […]

Unknown by many, Johnny Biryani isn’t just about radio, as his first love is to perform onstage. He was an alumnus of a university-based theatre company, receiving numerous awards including Entertainer of the Year and Best Stage Performance by An Actor in 2012. Johnny’s first foray into radio was during his senior year in college […]


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