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Cheeky Checker: The Buffing Technique

Have you ever heard of the Buffing technique? Apparently, it’s been used by many makeup artists. It’s a makeup technique that helps you achieve a much flawless makeup that will last. It also helps you fine tune harsh lines caused by blushers and contours. This technique is very simple, all you need is a pressed […]     Read More

DIY Hair Spa For Your Crowning Glory

As they say, our hair is our crowning glory. Most girls think that taking care of our hair means a lot of trips to the salon, and that could be so expensive. But you know, there’s a way to spend less and take care of your hair. Here are my top 3 favorite hair spa […]     Read More

Chikay’s Quick and Easy InFlight Makeup Tutorial

After long flights, definitely, girls would want to get off the plane looking pretty right? I always make sure that I look human when arriving at my travel destination. And to that, I do my makeup at least 40 minutes before landing. Here’s a super quick and easy makeup look that even a person who […]     Read More

Up Your Instagram Game With These Apps

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that we totally love. And we just can’t get enough looking at the aesthetically pleasing timelines of our favorite celebrities and influencers. Just like you guys, I’m always in search of the right applications that can help me in enhancing my profile. In this week’s […]     Read More

Is 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine Effective?

Koreans are known for their healthy, flawless and plump skin! And personally, I can’t help but wonder when can I ever achieve that! When talking about skin care products and regimen, most people only knew about the basics: Cleanse, Moisturize, and Sunblock. Since they are “just basics” it can only do little to your skin. […]     Read More

Achieve A Glowing Skin In Just 3 Simple Steps

Everyone definitely dreams to have a healthy and glowing skin. And with this desire, we are bombarded with products that claim to give you the skin you’ve been dreaming of. I’d be lying if I say that I don’t believe in skincare products because I really do! I’m a fan of trying different skincare goodies […]     Read More

Recreating a Kpop Makeup feat. Jisoo

Kpop (Korean pop culture) and makeup are two of my favorite things in this world. A trip to  my favorite makeup store while listening to the latest kpop songs makes me happy. In today’s Cheeky Checker, I’ll try my best to recreate a makeup look of one of the most famous kpop idols out there. I […]     Read More
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