WIN! Couple Tickets to the Premiere of Crazy Rich Asians!

Crazy Rich Asians is an all-audience comedy that mirrors families and life experiences the world over – with strong, likeable, modern characters, infectious humor, compelling human themes and an emotional satisfying payoff that will connect with every kind of moviegoer.

The film’s heroes are young, deeply in love and determined to honor their heritage while paving their own path to the future – in spite of the forces of tradition, money, family and social agendas trying to tear them apart.

Watch the trailer here:


Listen to Chikay’s interview with the Fil-Am Actor, Nico Santos. He played the role of Oliver T’sien in the movie. Here’s the full interview!


Crazy Rich Asians releases in the UAE cinemas on August 16th. But YOU can get an exclusive invite to see it ahead of everyone else!


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