Eksenang OFW kapag nagbakasyon sa Pinas

We waited for this moment and we saved all the money that we can for our vacation in the Philippines. And the fact that we badly missed our families, we try to buy all  the “pasalubongs” that we can and  bring it home to them. If only we can take home the supermarket so that they can experience all the goods that UAE can offer, we will definitely bring it to them. But sometimes, some people take advantage of us when they heard that we will be going home for a vacation. For them it’s like  The “Balikbayang Milyonaryo/Milyonarya” but the truth is, we’re not!

We just want to spend time with our LOVE ONES after years of working hard abroad.

Listen to Maria Maldita as she reads all the OFW experiences when they have their vacation in the Philippines. For sure, you will laugh out loud hearing all those text messages and say ” hey I’ve also experienced that!”


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