How To Improve Your Memory, Gandang U-maga Style!

Do you ever wonder why you can easily remember a song you heard on the radio but can’t seem to recall the name of some person you’ve probably met half a dozen times already?

Or why memorizing lessons in school was a thousand times harder than memorizing all the songs in the countdown?

Well, Bluebird & Louie, attempt to answer that in a recent Express Katanungan segment.

Louie went on to explain how repetition, rhymes & patterns in a song, and our brain connecting memories with other factors like emotions and setting, all play a part in helping us remember things better. And songs tick all those boxes, which is why we could remember songs, even those that we hate, more than some random fact we just learned in school.

After learning all this from Louie, Bluebird realized he could totally relate and recalled how and why he still remembers the date that explorer Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines!

Listen to the song here and you’ll remember the date forever too!


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