Friday , May 29 2015

Louie da Costa


Born in the Philippines, raised in the UAE, Louie da Costa is fortunate to be able to call two places home. She went back to Manila for college and soon discovered she had a knack for radio. Kicking off her career as a traffic reporter for various radio stations, she eagerly climbed the ladder by taking a second job (yes she was working 14 hour days with two jobs) as a newscaster for a renowned Jazz station. Just one year later she helped launch Jam 88.3 as one of their pioneer presenters and the station soon became one of the top English FM radio stations in Metro Manila.

5 years, a wedding and a baby girl later, she decided it was time to go back to her parents in Dubai. Thinking she was done with radio, Louie hoped to start a career with her second love- animals- as an animal handler. Thankfully they saw right through her and said she shouldn’t give up on radio and soon after she was taken in by 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai as their first locally hired presenter and the only Filipina on an English station.

Fast forward another 5 years with doing pretty much every time slot there was on Virgin, Louie’s now giving back to the Filipino community who accepted her as the “Filipina Queen” on Virgin radio. She’s now part of the very first Filipino station in the UAE, Tag 91.1 doing the breakfast show- Gandang U-maga every weekday morning from 5-10am.