Meet the Cheeky Checker!

Life would definitely be boring if we do the same stuff over and over again! Sometimes we need to get out of our little box and be brave enough to try new things.

But let us be honest, this is easier said than done. Not everyone can face their fears, or change something that they normally do. If only someone can be nice enough to lead their ways.And that’s where “The Cheeky Checker” comes in.

And that’s where “The Cheeky Checker” comes in.

The Cheeky Checker

I’m Chikay, the girl behind the “Cheeky Checker” blog! I’m willing enough to swim with sharks, jump from the rooftop (with a harness of course), and even cut my beloved hair just to try new stuff on your behalf.

Every Mondays, I’ll share you my new discoveries, tips, and tricks that you can do to make your life exciting. I will also try some crazy trends and check whether it is worth wasting our time. So if you have any questions or challenges that you want me to try first, don’t hesitate to comment below 🙂


Lovelovelove, Chikay!


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