One Music X Dubai | UPDATES

Some of the hottest names in the Philippine music industry are coming to Dubai this November 3rd at the Dubai Media City Amphitheater and Tag 91.1 is putting you in the front seat with all the latest updates and interviews !!!

TAG 91.1 and 1MX Ultimate Fan & Idol Duet

1. Antoinette and KZ Tandingan


       2. Leah and Inigo Pascual

        3. Eleanor and Yeng Constantino


Why did KZ Tandingan felt emotional during the One Music X Presscon?

It is rare to see an artist dominate the music chart, but here comes KZ Tandingan proving her songs are worth it – landing the 1st and 2nd spot on Tag 91.1’s TAG 10. Watch as she gets emotional when Chikay broke the news!


Kabayan Bluebird and Keri got to chat up Inigo Pascual on Gandang U-maga. Check out their interview about Inigo’s relationship with his dad, his career, and his upcoming One Music X Dubai performance!

Listen to Maria Maldita and Johnny B talk to Yeng Constantino on Uwian Na about balancing her married life & her career, her new music, and what you could expect when she comes to Dubai this November 3rd!


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