Power Dirhams


If you wanted to shift from your day job to being a freelancer and pursuing your passion in art this is perfect for you so watch and an insight from my guest here at Learn from the Pros.with Ms.Ella.     Read More

LEARN from the PROS. EP.5 with Coach Adam

All about fitness and supplements and a great insights from Coach Adam.Learn what are the long term effects and benefits of exercising specially here in abroad where your body is the one generating income,find out more as you watch this quick interview on Tag.91.1.     Read More

LFTP EP.2 with ms.Monique

An insight from a young entrepreneur on how to transition from being an employee to a business woman with all the struggles to overcome and having all the right ingredients to walk to a road to success.. Watch and listen to her short story here on Learn from the Pros.     Read More
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