Tuesday , June 27 2017

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For Love or Money

Win a special Dubai Tour aboard a stretch limousine with Kapatid stars Alice Dixson and Derek Ramsay on November 28

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TAG91.1: The Year That was…

We are very excited to bring you a roundup of the year that was! And what a year it was too!!! We won awards (BEST IN DUBAI AWARD), had concerts (from ASAP, Bamboo River Maya), shopping experiences, winning apartments, movie nights, games, battle of the bands...

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Making distances smaller

Nurturing close relationships between grandparents, parents and children is important for everyone in the family, but due to long distances and busy lives this can be challenging for many expat families living in the Middle East.

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WIN invites for Banana Split

From Dessert to the desert! Banana Split, one of Philippine’s long-running comedy gag show on television, lives up to its name with a quirky mix of casts and segments that will surely crack you up.

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