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Fair and Handsome Face Wash is looking for 100 DIFFERENT men to feature in an ONLINE magazine. will also get a chance to fly to Baku with RJ Bob Kebab.

What comes to mind when you think of the word squished?

Catch the weekly highlights of Bob Kebab Show right here! Bob Kebab entertains a caller who’s just really high-spirited and the two hit it off with a very funny conversation!

It may be rare, but when it happens, it’s such a joy for Bob Kebab when someone wins in the Kantaranta segment!

Bob Kebab discusses with his caller how the latter’s life is like being in a relationship with another nationality aside from a co-Filipino. Being in that kind of relationship has it’s ups and downs, which ultimately Bob and his caller end up laughing about when they started comparing the differences. That’s Request Mo Play Ko! […]

Bob Kebab talks to a very excited caller who proudly discusses being single. However she reveals that there was someone in her life but they didn’t have any “chemistry.” Listen to his funny yet friendly advice here: Listen to Request Mo Play Ko! Sundays to Thursdays, 9PM to 2AM where the Filipino insomniacs gather, TAG 91.1!


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