On one of Chikay’s excursions, she visited The Philippine School where she hosted an event. She shared her experiences of being in school which she hopes students today don’t emulate! That’s Chikay and her antics (which she probably does up to this day)! On Chikahan! Sundays to Thursdays, 12NN to 4PM on TAG 91.1!

With The Voice Kids Season 3 opening, Chikay relays to her listeners how the first episode plays out and what changes have taken place.

Some fans take their admiration to a whole new level when it comes to bashing others who try to stain or smudge the image of their idols.

Chikay discusses this celebrity couple in her (The Naked Truth) who are under scrutiny especially after the wife posts this shocking status on social media.

In Philippine showbiz, Chikay talks about the recent reveal by one of the most loved love teams in the country.

You’d think that celebrities would be used to their many bashers by now and that they’ve probably mastered brushing off all the negativity.


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