Its time for another Bandang Hapon Christmas Special! That means some of our fave bands that have been featured on Bandang Hapon Unplugged this year get to join Louie da Costa again in the Tag studio to perform an original and/or covers of Christmas songs. Check out the bands Eatcubus, Kumanderku & the Ginggastee, and […]

Louie’s brought back some of our favorite bands featured this 2015 on Bandang Hapon Unplugged for the Christmas Special of Bandang Hapon. Check out Call of Nature, Dekada, Nobenta and 3hird Party with their versions of some popular Christmas carols and their original Christmas songs.   To be a part of this – sign up below!

Merry merry Christmas! Its been a crazy week of nonstop prizes, greetings and wishes and we were so happy to be able to spend such a special day with you. But just like you we’ve got loved ones waiting for us back home. So after our Christmas show, off we go to spend the rest of the yuletide season in the Philippines! We wont be gone for long, we’ll be back on the 11th of January 2015. So ’til then, we’ll leave your mornings in good hands, with Bob Kebab (thanks Bob!!).

Again, we pray you have a joyous Christmas season filled with love and hope and that your new year be even better, brighter and more prosperous.

This is Team Gandang Umaga signing off for the year. See you in 2015!

It is part of Philippine culture to go from house to house during this season, sing Christmas carols and in exchange receive tokens of thanks usually in the form of cash. This year, TAG 91.1 will be reliving those days on-air with Christmas tunes for our listeners.


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