Wednesday , July 26 2017



  It’s a flash back weekend, wherein you hear all your favorite songs from the 90’s. The songs that you use to love when you are growing up. KANTAMBAYAN Host: CHIKAY Time: 5pm-8pm FRI-SAT

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Chikay will entertain you across the middle of the day, playing the best music along with the latest celebrity gossip. All of this and more in one fun and action packed show. Chikahan ( Chit-chat) Host: Chikay Time: 10am – 2pm Weekdays Sponsored by

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Gandang U-Maga

Driving to work will never be the same, as everyone will be laughing, singing and listening to the coolest music with Louie da Costa and Bluebird who will keep you entertained all morning. They will be playing the hottest music and updating you with the latest celebrity news, shout outs ...

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