louise da costa

This song has caught the attention of millions of viewers worldwide – so we decided to have our own version of this song

The station’s much-loved Bluebird & Louie Da Costa, host of Gandang U-maga, are making their return to The Filipino Channel — this time as the TAG Katambayers of TFC Connect!

TAG presents Bluie Toons, a look at Bluebird and Louie’s silly and sometimes even emotional antics both in and out of the studio, turned into comic strips!

As the station’s aim is to reach out to more Pinoy musicians, Bandang Hapon host Louie Da Costa supports events that share the same vision.

A different kind of band joins Louie da Costa for Bandang Hapon Unplugged…yes they still speak Filipino and sing in Filipino but the lead singer, Dio, is actually NOT Filipino

Tag 91.1 presenters Louie Da Costa and Lito Echevaria (Bluebird) and news presenter Zeena Zalamea have added new feathers to the Tag91.1 cap!


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