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We’re featuring selfies of the cast members of My Bebe Love this week and today it’s all about Vic Sotto a.k.a. Bossing’s selfie while taking a selfie!

Its a big year for beauty pageant followers in the Philippines… Bb. Pilipinas Earth, Angelia Ong bagged the title of Miss Earth, making it the 2nd year in a row for the Philippines to win the prestigious beauty title!

  Everyone’s talking about the movie A Second Chance lately with the somewhat iconic characters Basya and Popoy reuniting onscreen. So for Silip Selfie today, lets copy Bea Alonzo who plays Basya. She doesnt mind getting silly in front of the cameras and here she is with her #BeaFishmouthSelfie! We all got silly with her […]

Top Silip Selfies of the Day: Cristine Bawal Teeth Selfie Today we’ve got our eyes on the beautiful selfies of actress Cristine Reyes. Although she’s often smiling in her pictures, you’ll hardly see pics where her teeth are visible. So let’s try the Cristine Bawal Teeth Selfie (teeth not allowed)! There were so many good […]

Top Silip Selfies of the Day: KC Higa Selfie There are those days when all you want to do is stay in bed…and take selfies! Actress KC Concepcion must get those days often because we’ve seen a number of her selfies lying down, which is why we decided to give it a go! Here are […]


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