The festival witnessed a wide range of F&B options and unique activities targeted to the Filipino market and it was a fantastic family event.

Nights are even better with Bob Kebab! Check out his latest crazy talks with our fellow kabayans

Finally I’ve uploaded a new video on my youtube channel (Chikay Tag). Weeeeee! I’m pretty excited to share you guys what my morning usually like 🙂 Click the play button and lets begin 🙂

Long distance relationship (LDR) doesn’t only apply to lovers. It is also experienced by friends, families, etc.

From Dessert to the desert! Banana Split, one of Philippine’s long-running comedy gag show on television, lives up to its name with a quirky mix of casts and segments that will surely crack you up.

Win a return ticket home! Yup! We are giving you a chance on EVERY show on TAG91.1 to win that ticket!


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