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KITCHENAMIN with Midea Microwave Oven

Bluebird and Keri Belle encountered a very challenging task in this episode of Kitchenamin, cooking without the help of a chef or an expert. They just collected some microwave recipe from the radio listeners. They selected the best recipe of the week and cooked it with the help of the famous Midea Microwave oven. The result was fantastic. Watch the […]     Read More
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TGN ACTION @ TEP Factor with TAG 91.1 Team

This week’s TGN Action, Bluebird and Keri Belle will try to unleash their competitive side as they visit TEP factor located at The Walk in JBR. Together with their fellow Tag 91.1 RJs, they all have to face different challenges that will test their patience, skill, fitness, and logic to the maximum level. Who do […]     Read More

TGN ACTION – Celebrities In Action

The fun and games continue on TGN Action ! This time, our fave Kapamilya artists visited our studio and played “i-Shoot Mo Baby” and “The Telepathy Game”.  Watch this fun-filled episode of TGN ACTION with celebrities like Robi Domingo, Sarkie(vocalist-Silent Sanctuary), Dj Cha Cha, Xelah and Dj Moophs as they enjoyed playing the games hosted […]     Read More
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TGN ACTION – Kitchenamin @ Paluto by Chef Boy Logro

There are things that we do in this world that is just right. Like, showing respect to elders, following traffic rules and regulations, and saving for your children’s future. But going to a restaurant where you can hand over the fish you bought, ask the chef to cook it for you and eat it on […]     Read More
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TGN ACTION – Kitchenamin @ The Noodle House

Are you tired of eating the same food over and over? Looking to spice things up? What if we tell you that we found a restaurant that offers modern take on authentic Southeast Asian cuisine and its wonderfully diverse ingredients. Not sold yet? In that case, watch Bluebird and Keri Belle as they take you […]     Read More

TGN ACTION – Park Attack @ Zabeel Park

The hot weather in the UAE is about to exit and the cooler air is just around the corner most especially at the park.  Bluebird and Keri Belle are very much ready to start their first outdoor challenge. Armed with video cameras and game paraphernalia they  visited  Zabeel  Park . And this is their first […]     Read More

Mall Attack – 12 meters Rock Wall Climbing

This is the first Mall Attack of Team TGN Action, and Rock Wall Climbing is the name of the game. But this time Bluebird and Keri Belle well not be competing with each other. They have one common goal, to reach the highest point of the 12 meters high rock wall. Can they do it? […]     Read More

KITCHENAMIN – How To Prepare a World Class Hot Dog Sandwich

Bluebird and Keri Belle will try another challenge and will try to learn the fantastic way of preparing hotdog sandwich. They visited one of the Zoom’s big branches in Dubai who just started their Zoom Hotdog World Tour 2018. They will try to show us how to prepare 2 types of yummy world class hotdog […]     Read More
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