What To Do (or NOT to do) If Your Spouse Makes You Unhappy

How did one simple question on the Express Katanungan (Express Question) segment end up giving a number of unhappy spouses a very naughty idea for revenge?

Well it started out harmless, with Louie trying to answer a question about tears and sadness. The question was about why we sometimes can’t cry even when we’re sad.

So as Louie tried to explain that it could be due to a few reasons, like our sadness turning into a different emotion such as anger, in comes Bluebird taking things to an insanely different direction – as always.

He said it reminded him of a friend who oddly didn’t cry when she caught her hubby cheating because she ended up doing something that made her laugh instead.

The story got both Bluebird & Louie laughing like crazy and so will you!

Listen here to find out what the wife did…


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