What’s inside your balikbayan box?

As an OFW one of the things that we are saving our money every year  are the goods that we will put inside our balikbayan box. Every year specially christmas, for us its the best time to send our love ones back at home all the goodies that we want them to indulge and experience the good life that UAE can offer or what we call the ‘imported products’.

Its a must for every kabayan to send balikbayan box at home because it’s our way of saying and letting them feel that we really miss them and we love them with all our hearts. With every goodies that’s inside the box is also our love for every person that we put in mind who will received that gift.

Every balikbayan box are OFW’s  invincible love letter for our families back home  that even though we are far away from our love ones, still our mind and heart is with them every single day and we are willing to give the whole world just for them.

Listen to Maria Maldita as she reads all the goodies that every kabayan wants to put in their boxes.


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