Your invitation to TAGFEST

Here are the celebrity performers of TAGFEST welcoming you to the show! Keep your dates locked for the biggest Filipino music festival of the year.


While the members hailed from various groups, they sure have created their own solid fanbase as the band that is collectively known as Sandwich. Their brand of music can be classified to alternative, rap and hard rock, as well as nu metal. Sandwich has succeeded in invading the Philippine mainstream music scene in the noughties with singles like Sugod, Sunburn and Betamax. These days, Sandwich busies themselves with local and foreign gigs. Most notable in the the past years were their participation in the Hollywood Bowl with Black Eyed Peas’ Apl de Ap in 2012 and headlining of the 2014 P-Fest UK.


He may be best known for being the former frontman and composer of Sugarfree, lending his vocal genius to songs such as Burnout, Hari Ng Sablay and Dear Kuya (the latter being a song about a brother who works abroad). But since his departure from his band of eleven years, Ebe Dancel has embarked on a solo career that allowed him opportunities to collaborate with artists and organizations. He may have furthered his popularity to a wider audience with latest hits such as Bawat Daan, though he is not one to forget where he came from. In fact, he is currently promoting a string of gigs where he will be singing Sugarfree favorites as well.


One can say that this award-winning rapper ushered in the new breed of Filipino rappers to this generation. Gloc-9 gained praises not only of the legends of Pinoy hip-hop but also the best of the best in the country’s rock and folk music.

It is thus easy to understand why his songs that mostly touches social issues and patriotism such as “Lando”, “Katulad Ng Iba” and “Magda” (just to name a few) have gained fans from basically all walks of life. He is likewise well-known for making his own spin on remakes of Pinoy favorites, as well as collaborations with an assortment of Philippine musicians.




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